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*JK/JKU Update*


The Flock 50 Premium Duck Mounting Solution for 2011-2018 JK/JKU is available for pre-orders.


We have a limited supply of Flock 50s in black on hand for immediate shipping.















There was a huge cnc error made on our first plastic shipment for the Flock 50s and the colors have been delayed. You can still get your pre-order in now so you will be the first to receive your desired color as soon as it becomes available. 

Click here to get your Flock 50 Pre-Order in now!

*The Flock 44 Shipping Now*


Duck Mounting Solution for 2018-2023 JL/JLU Wranglers and the 2020-2023 JT Gladiators is ready to ship today!

The Duck and Dash - Flock 44!

Click here to order.

The Flock 44 Duck Mounting Solution

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The Flock 50 Duck Mounting Solution
jeep dash mount for ducks

The Story of Duck and Dash

Shortly after we joined the Jeep community, we discovered ducking. Almost immediately, we fell in love with the concept; the idea of sharing happiness and joy is so inspiring. This led us to realize there was a need for a safe, reliable mounting solution. We noticed there was no way to mount your ducks that would not involve adhesive or obstructing the defrost vent. We found this troubling and set out to work to develop a safe, versatile, and high quality mounting solution that we are excited to share with you today!