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Be the proud owner of the first complete duck mounting solution for the 2011-2018 Wrangler JK/JKU. Designed with safety as the number one priority, the Flock 50 provides 50 mounting locations to secure your flock and by design does not block the defrost vents.

  • Made from marine grade plastic, your Flock 50 can withstand the toughest environments. UV protected, waterproof, and featuring a matte finish to prevent glare, the Flock 50 will hold up to whatever off-roading adventures you put it through.
  • Partnered with Tackform, the Flock 50 is compatible with AMPS bases and Slim Track compatible Track Balls (AMPS bases and Track Balls not included).
  • This safe duck mounting solution secures your flock from flying with pegs (25 included). Absolutely no sticky adhesive! (additional pegs can be purchased separately)
  • With space being limited in the Wrangler, the Flock 50 can provide the space needed to display ducks you have been gifted and also store ducks ready to hand out to others.
  • Note: Ducks and Tackform accessories not included!


Easy Install. Customer will only need to have a 7mm socket wrench. All other hardware and install tools are included.

  • Tackform Dash Mount installs using the OEM screw (7mm head) located under the rubber cover in the center dash pocket.
  • 12 black oxide hex head screws with provided hex key are used to secure the Flock 50 left and right plates to the Tackform Dash Mount in the counter sunk holes located closest to the track slots.
  • 25 included pegs clip into the remaining holes to secure your ducks.


Included in the package:

  • Left and Right Flock 50 plates
  • Tackform Fast Track FT09 Mount for 2011-2018 JK/JKU Series Wranglers
  • 25 duck mounting pegs
  • 12 Black Oxide Hex Head Screws
  • One 1/8" Hex Key
  • 2 philips head screws for extra dash mounting points
  • Installation Instructions


Note: Not compatible with 2006-2011 JK/JKUs that do not have the center dash pocket! (2011 was a split year for the body style. If your 2011 has a pocket in the center of the dash, it is compatible with the Flock 50).

Flock 50 - 2011-2018 JK/JKU with Tackform FastTrack Dash Mount

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